Nick Dmitriev In Memoriam, a CD produced by Andrej Gavrilov at Solyd Records.

All the named artists contributed unpublished pieces, all of them share the great loss.

Andrej Gavrilov writes:

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all and everyone who helped in releasing the CD In Memoriam our friend Nick Dmitriev. First of all I'd like to thank the musicians whose recordings Nick had released on his label, the Long Arms. They supported the idea and donated their recordings - for the most part previously unreleased.
Thank you, Anton Batagov, Vladimir Martynov and Tatiana Grindenko, Alexei Lubimov, Sergei Zagny, Sainkho Namchylak, Nick Sudnick, Elena Sergeeva and Sergei Zhirkov, Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Lev Gutovsky, Alexander Bakshi, Terry Riley, Mikhail Khodarevsky, Mikhail Zhukov, Alexei Aigui - and Anastasia Kuriokhina for the kind permission to use the recording of Sergei Kuriokhin's piece.
The album would never appear without help of Nick's friends and colleagues, who contributed their forces, talent, knowledge, time to this project.
Thanks to all the Silaevs, particularly to Valery and Anton - for the photos, for the sounds of music, for the ideas, for the patience and everyday's readiness to help. Thanks to Rustam Suleimanov, Dirna Uhov, Grigory Tsuverkalov for their support and help from the day one.
Thanks to Igor Gurovich and Ostengruppe for the design and ideas. Thanks to Liza Faktor for the photo.
Thanks to everybody at the DOM - in particular, Olga Mitrofanova, Nadia Bakuradze, Nastia Efanova, Andrei Goncharov, thanks to the Print-On printing house, to UEP CD plant and personally to Sveta Leonova.
Thanks to Grigory Zhukov and Alexei Borisov.
Thanks to everyone.

I only wish the reason that united us were not so sad.

Andrei Gavrilov, SoLyd Records

CD in Memoriam Nikolai Dmitriev
CD in Memoriam Nikolai Dmitriev

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