5 from 48: festival dedicated to the 40 days of Nikolai Dmitriev

5 Jahre DOM5 Jahre DOM

Dror Feiler: Life is brutal and sentimental.

For 5 years, from 2000 to spring 2004, Nick Dmitriev produced the program of the Moskow' Culture CentreDOM, to which founders he belonged.

Many hundred concerts, performances, installations and exhibitions - a program which you will not find a second time.

From all over the world, artists came to perform, the russian musicians from contempory New Music as well as Improvised Music had their home here and the members of the russian Jazz Diaspora came along when they visited home.

Moscow was rich to have this place. Now the DOM must find his new way, build a jury to continue, what Nick began.

He had prepared a book, dedicated to the 5 year jubilee of DOM, in which he presented most of all artists, with dates of their performances, and which was completed by a CD with 99 takes of these artists. This book now is part of his legacy.

Big Brother is watching you was the title of this 3-day festival of memories: music, improvisation, joy and sadness. To name a few: Arkadi Shilkloper, Vladimir Tarasov, Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Vladimir Miller, Igor Zakharov, Sainkho, Dror Feiler, Vladimir Volkow, Sergej Letov, Alex Nowitz, Vladimir Chekassin, Vjacheslav Gaivoronski, Dmitri Prigov, Vjacheslav Ganelin, Enver Izmailov, Peter Brötzmann, Yuri Kutznetzow, OPUS POSTH, NXA, ...

Tibor Semsos Video-Montage
Not only concerts, Video-Clips and TV-Clips, which showed Nick or which were produced by him, were presented as well.

I presented a collection of private, unoffical photos, which I made in the time which we shared together: Bratok


And why 5 aus 48?
Nick gave 5 of his 48 years to DOM.

Get an impression of the festival here.