Moscow, May 2004: Festivals dedicated to the memory of Nikolai Dmitriev

Nikolai Dmitriev

April 10, 2004 Nikolai Dmitriev died in the age of 48.

He was art-director of the Moscow Culture Center DOM, he co-founded the foundation Devotio Moderna and the label LongArms.

His death left us alone.

The future will show whether all that, that he began, will continue.

Nikolai Dmitriev had planned the festival LongArms, which took place May 15 to May 19, 2004 in the recording studio of Radio Culture GTRK and which got a new title, in memory of Nikolai Dmitriev: LONG ARMS, new music festival, in memoriam Nikolai Dmitriev

In DOM a great jubilee concert had been planned because of the jubilee '5 years DOM' and this turned to a three-days-festival from May 19 to 21 in the memory of Nick, followed by the jubilee concert May 21.

40 Days: 40 days after the death of a beloved person, in Russia the family and friends meet again at the grave, to commemorate him.
To honor the memory of Nikolai Dmitriev, friends from Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Ukraina, Tuva, Lithuania and Russia met.

I feared that this could be the last meeting of this musical community but it showed that still tours were planned, mutual projects and festival gigs. The net, knotted by Nick, will keep strong, but the initiative must be taken by ourselves.

At these pages, you will find a report of the festivals, the introduction of a CD in memory of Nick Dmitriev, impressions from the concerts and photos from the cemetery.