INTERSTUDIO - The Theater of Synthesis and Animation

Sankt-Petersburg / Puschkin ( Tsarskoe Selo)

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The Board Cooperating Artists and Institutions Adresses
The Theatre Academy The Education The Repertoire
The Festival KUKART The Economic Situation Theatre-related Links
What's missing The Author

The Board

Rector, General Director: Professor Michail KHOUSSID
Artdirector: Professor Jurij SOBOLEW
Prorektor for Science and Research:
Professor Doktor Anna NEKRYLOWA
Stage Design: Galina METELISCHENKO
Music Department: Nikolaj JAKIMOW
Hamburg Office: Cornelie Müller-Gödecke
Commercial Director: Dawid BURMAN
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Cooperating Artists and Institutions

Federation of Independent Puppeteers «KUKART» (Moscow)
ARS BALTICA Association «A-JA» (Sankt-Petersburg)
AUSTRIAN ART ENSEMBLE (Salzburg) W.TARASOV, musician, composer (Vilnus)
(Sorry, only in german language)
H.E.GÖDECKE, musician, composer (Hamburg) C. MÜLLER - GÖDECKE ( Hamburg)
A.NOWAK (Kreta) D.BURGE, UNIMA (New York)
Th.SCIPIDARIS, director (New York) J.SOBRECASES, director (Toulouse)
P.A.ROLLE, director (Fribourg) J.VONDERLIN, actress, (Zürich)
F.BILLETER, art critic, (Zürich) D.POKROWSKIJ, musician, choirmaster (Moscow)
I.BASILEWA, art critic, (Moscow) N.DMITRIEW, music critic, manager, organisator (Moscow)
W.GAJWARONSKIJ musician, composer (Sankt-Petersburg) K.POWELL, composer (Neuseeland - Schweiz)
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Russia, Sankt-Petersburg 189620 Puschkin,
  Sadowaja 22, Wladimirskij (Sapasnoj) Dworetz
 Tel.: (812) 465 54 20 (812) 465 54 24 (812) 465 58 35 (812) 310 01 20
  Fax: (812) 465 21 96
  Attention: Michail KHUSSID, Jurij SOBOLEW,
Cornelie Müller-Gödecke
  INTERSTUDIO Hamburg Office
  Hohenzollernring 38
  D-22736 Hamburg BRD
  Tel.: +49 40 390 66 07 Fax: +49 40 39 48 17
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«Balagantschik» after Alexander Block, 1990
«Selfish Giant» after Oscar Wilde, 1990
«Magic Flute» after W.A.Mozart, 1991
«Cindarella», 1992
«Don Juan», 1992
«Der Sandmann» after E.T.A.Hoffmann, 1993
«Father's Telescopes» after the music of Kit Powell, 1993
Projekt: «Babel Tower», 1994-1995
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The economic situation

The Theatre-Academy INTERSTUDIO is a state approved academy and is supported by the russian ministery of culture. The scholarships, the salaries and contributions for the students are paid regularely by the ministery, but they don't satisfy even the modest requirements. And for worse, in the last months two times the banks, where they kept their account, crashed shortly after receiving the monthly contribution. The financial situation is dramatic, if not desperate.
Because INTERSTUDIO is a theatre-academy without continous theatre performances, there are no contributions for material and other expenses, because they are not needed for performances, 'only' for study. So special projects and festivals are always a walk on very thin ice, and the every day teaching can be maintained only by 'improvising'.
Another aspect: because of the growing stability of the rubel, the difference between rubel and foreign money gets more and more marginal. May this be healthy for the national budget, it has a bad influence on the financial situation of the academy, because many needs could be satisfied in the last years by fees earned in the west. One dollar was far more valuable in Russia than in the west, by this the academy could survive by 'private contributions' of the members of the board. This is not working any more.
The members of the academy search for new ways to raise money. They plan performances for the tourists visiting the Catherine Palace in the summer. The professors give workshop in the west, lecture or work as directors in residence. But this is not enough, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
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What's needed

I hereby list some things which are needed urgently. This list is not thought as a begging letter, but it can demonstrate the economic situation of the academy (see above). If anyone of the readers could contribute something, please refer to the author. Every contribution will be sent to the academy immediately.
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Links to theatre-related pages

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