Sankt-Petersburg / Puschkin ( Zarskoe Selo)

was founded in St. Petersburg in 1990. In the same first year the first french-russian program for directors and actors took place.

Founders of INTERSTUDIO:

In 1993 the workshop got acknowledgement as an independant state institute.

THE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP - THEATRE OF SYNTHESIS AND ANIMATION educates its students following the general curriculum of Theatre Institutes. Furthermore it teaches special subjects which are essential for all actors, directors and artists of the theatre of synthesis.
Every term is an experimental process, integrated in the work of the THEATRE OF SYNTHESIS AND ANIMATION. Lessons are embedded in the process of setting in stage, worked out mutually by teachers and students and performed to the public audience. The scientific laboratory is dedicated to the theoretical formulation of the experiences made in school and theatre. It's results flow back to the lectures, lessons and stage work. Every two years the festival comitee realizes an international festival which focusses at the mutual work of russian and foreign theatre ensembles, artists and musicians.
«To teach them the basics of their future profession, that is only one part of our work. For us it is important to develop all the countless layers which finally form the whole thing, together with the students. »

THEATRE OF SYNTESIS AND ANIMATION - this motto abstains very clearly from sharp determined contours. It's always an advance to the uncertain, but never to the dilletantism. The first step of the experiment is the knowledge of the traditional arts of the russian theatre school.
The most experienced teachers of the St. Petersburg State Institute for Theatre, Music and Cinematography, standing for the traditions of the russian theatrical art, teach in the «workshop» All subjects, which belong to the curriculum of a theatre academy - dramatic art, art of motion, psycho techniques, puppet plays, singing - are offered by INTERSTUDIO. But a theatre school must offer more. We choose the status of an «international workshop» for our school and our work follows the principle of «open doors». Our teaching staff shows foreign masters as well as russian teachers. Many russian and international «schools» are regarded as congenial with the traditional forms of theatre. This results in a wide ranging but well based education.

The method is creative work per se. This not only means the interaction of stiles, disciplins and techniques, but also the interaction between students and teachers. This provokes unconvential manners and the distinction between teachers and students disappears and the relations get more and more equal.
The classic monological teaching principle «I ask you - you answer me» is substituted by the dialogue «we ask - we find the answers».

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