In Carskoe Celo, the former summer residence of russian tsars, in the Vladimirski Palace, where today INTERSTUDIO is located, every two years an international Festival of Synthetic Theatre and Animation takes place.

One of the main initiators and organisators of the festival is INTERSTUDIO.

They collected their first experiences in 1993 when organising the Festival first time. Their plan was not only to invite well established artists, they looked for young talents also. The festival is workshop and laboratory in one.

That's why they don't focus only on theatre, they integrate other arts as well. Participants are directors and ensembles for audiovisual theatre and street theatre, they present fine arts as well, performance- and installations-artists, experimental ensembles who try to come closer to synthesis ( = «Gesamtkunstwerk»), experts of instrumental theatre and musical performance. Because the borders between different arts, alternatives come clearer and new art can develope.

«The Festival of programmed surprises» is not only a feast, but also a splendid firework of theatre, music, fine arts and performance. (Here you see a scultpure of the moscowite Group of Artists "ArtBla")
It presents the results of two years work and the therefrom deriving experiences and developments of national and international theatre groups and of INTERSTUDIO, for sure.

The festival is a meeting place for creative people (here Juri Sobolev and Nikolai Dmitriev) and offers the chance to find new connections. It's not only a platform to present the results of the two last years, it is an explicite planned, «soft» provocation to create new impulses for the next two years at INTERSTUDIO.

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