Education at the Theatre-Academy INTERSTUDIO

«... Every day you can invest
not more and not less
than what you learned already.
But what you learned already,
must have class....»

Because of the unusual teaching methods at INTERSTUDIO already the first piece, a coproduction of russian and french students, became a great success and found appreciation when performed in Charleville-Mesieres, Toulouse, Avignon and Sankt-Petersburg - by audience and critics.
School and Theatre form one unit.

The study is part of a production. So the teacher is director at the same time, the students are co-directors and actors, and the rehearsal is the lesson. Of course the students don't have the experience of professional actors. But everybody gives his best, as far as his knowledge and training allows.
When they started their studies, they were told: 'Every day you can invest not more and not less than what you learned already. But what you learned already must have class...'

The principle of the Theatre of Synthesis - «Everybody must know everything » - frees the student from the narrow limits of specialists. Stage accessoires, puppets, costumes, stage design, sound techniques - the complex technical and material equipment is worked out by teachers and students during the process of the production, so everybody feels responsible for the performance and their attitude towards the lessons - the rehearsals - looses the immature character. So a performance is not only the result of their term, it is the stage-proof result of mutual creative work of the -


The Education in the Laboratory

Theatre - School - Laboratory - Theatre...

One part of Interstudio is the scientific laboratory, which is a link in the circle of information: Theatre - School - Laboratory - Theatre.
In this laboratory theory and practice unite as well as the explicit knowledge of different specialists. They analyse the experiences which accumulated in the first time of the Theatre of Synthesis and Animation. .
These results of analyse lead to recommendations for their work in school and theatre. These results get realized by the teachers during lessons, rehearsals and perfomances.

A lot of questions derive from the work:

«How to express this?»,
«How to realize this?»,
«What's the meaning of this?»,

All departments of the Theatre-Workshop - Theatre, School and Laboraty - are in quest for answers.

The INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP - THEATRE OF SYNTHESIS AND ANIMATION is not a hermetic system, because it is connected to an international net of information by the laboratory. Through this net informations are exchanged with everybody who is interested in questions and problems of synthetic animated theatre.
The laboratory supports the preparation of international workshops and practical training which stick to the point of crossing the borders between different arts.

You can periodically find the experiences of the theatre, school and laboratory in the international magazine "Interstudio".

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Subjects of Education and Study

Duration and fee:

The study takes 5 years. Foreigners can study externally also.
Applications can be expressed until septembre, 15.
The fee for one year is 3.000 $.


Actor, director, stage designer.
Dramatic Art, Basic Puppet-Play

Subjects of Study:

The puppet, object and mask in communication with the actor, scenic movement;
Art history, world history of theatre, art in the 20th century, graphic arts, painting, composition, art of sculpture and assemblage;
technics and technologies of art; stage technique; new art technoligies; colour, light and projection;
Installation - Performance - Theatre; symbolism and semiotic in art.
vocal and recitative exercises; solo singing and choir; acrobatics; stage tricks; sword fighting; dancing.

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