Music for December

Music for December

there is not so much to tell about this CD..
just snow and some smut, and some minimal music

repeating and repeating

soft like a winter afternoon, when snow stops the noise, when the soot is in the air, when the sounds in your head soothen your feelings...

Music for DecemberBut if you want to know more, here is some information:

normally film music is composed after the film is finished. This time, Ivan Dykhovichny heard Anton Batagov's composition and decided to start a film, called Music for December.

Maybe the piece should be called Music (be)fore December, as every day is before December and you can listen to this music every day.....

Music for December
composed: December 1993listen to: Music for December recorded: June 1994
executive producer: Nick Dmitriev
producer: A.B.
design: Nick Shtok
Excerpt from music for december, 8:20

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