Ananda Bazar 

Ananda Bazar Since time immemorial the Vedas and Puranas have sung the glories of Vraja-Mandala, which is the eternal abode of Lord Krishna, the land of peace and divine love. By the desire of Krishna, that transcendental realm descends to this material world but as lotus never touches the water, so Vraja never becomes affected by the qualities of this world. Still, Vraja appears to manifest and unmanifest again and again, Lord Krishna is eternally wandering throughout the forests of Vraja, enjoying His transcendental pastimes. But for the sake of the conditioned souls, who are unable to see His transcendental activities and abode, He causes His pastimes to manifest before everyone's eyes.

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Ananda Bazar

1 3.36 - 6.00 AM End of the night, Keshi-ghata, Murarimohana-kunja 1990 04.28
2 6.00 . 8.24 AM Morning. Seva-kunja 1994 09.01
3 8.24 - 10.48 AM Forenoon Radha-Ramana Temple 1992 08.54
4 10.48 - 3.36 PM Midday, Radha-Gokulananda Temple 1993 11.49
5 8:24 -10.48 PM Evening, Keshi-ghala, Murarimohana-kunja 1990 15.09
6 10.48 - 3.36 AM Midnight, Radha-Damodara Temple 09.02

Recorded in Vridavana, India, the highest place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and the centre of their religion and culture, whic was described by the ancient scriptures of land of gods.

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