Beijing Jazzfestival 1995

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Some information from the announcement of the festival:

In its mere three years of existence, the Beijing Jazz Festival has already become one of the most important music and arts festivals in the nations capital. Featuring anything from traditional and classic to modern and avantgarde jazz, this years festival promises to serve to the taste of just about any music lover in Beijing. The Beijing Jazz Festival is an event no one should miss!

Lu Shen Zhong
Jazz Poem My life is Jazz My life is a long hallway
Jazz the open door at the end of it
It's my gateway to a new world

Jazz is a kaleidoscope a never ending spectrum of changes
a universal source for my imagination

Jazz is the blood in my body - it makes me move
it is my fount of energy

Jazz is my closest friend full of humour and optimism

When I started the Radioprogramme "Jazz Train" five years ago, I didn't know much of Jazz and it was an exciting new world. By taking the ":Jazz train" I wanted to get closer. But still after five years I feel that I am still at the beginning of my journey.
It's power if imagination, inspiration and humour makes Jazz my life.


Lu Shen Zhong

In 1995, the festival took place again in the children theater at the Wangfujing avenue, the most glittering shopping street in Beijing, in the heart of the city.
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Officially, the festival was organized again by the China International Culture Exchange Centre, Co-Organisator was the Beijing PR agency Yi Ren and there, once again, Udo Hoffmann .

Lu Shen Zhong
Maybe you are interested in the prices for the tickets? One ticket was priced between 60 and 100 RMB (Renmimbi), this means between 8$ and 13$. A general ticket was 40$. The german companies VW and Bayer sponsored the festival as well asl KRUPP, ALITALIA, KHD and DAIMLER BENZ.
Lu Shen Zhong
The China International Exchange Centre (CICEC), which was founded in 1984, is an independant non governmental society engaged in people to people international culture exchange. Its aim is through its exchange activities, to promote the understanding and co-operation between the Chinese people and the people of other countries and regions. That shall contribute to China's social economic development, its on-going reforms, its opening to the outside world and world peace.
The CICE understands culture in its broad sense. Therefore, the culture exchange it works to covers culture, art, science and technology, social science research etc. in diversified forms like artistic performances, lectures and symposiums. In the years since its founding, the CICE has an annual exchange volume of several hundred over to one thousand persons / time.

This text is taken from the festival folder..

Lu Shen Zhong

The program:

  • Stéphane Planchon's "Rendez-vous" (France)
  • NDR Bigband, feat. Palle Mikkelborg: "The History of Jazz"
  • Liu Yuan Band (China)
  • Martin Speake Group (UK)
  • Ding Wei and Wide Angle (China)
  • The Palle Mikkelborg Duo (Denmark)
  • Clusone Trio (The Netherlands)
  • Illouz (France)
  • Paolo Frescu Quartet (Italy)
  • Howard "Hojo" Johnson (USA) and the NDR Bigband
  • Beijing Jazz Unit (China)
  • Chano Dominguez Group (Spain)
  • Eugene Pao Group (HongKong)
Lu Shen Zhong

On top of this page, you can see 2 pictures from a japanese Beijing-travelguide and the small red frogs are paperwork, cut by our friend Lu Chen Zhong, one of the most interesting modern artists in China. I will introduce him here later, I promise.

You can reach Udo Hoffman and the company YiRen by this email-adress: Lu Shen Zhong

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