Oleg Dergatchov:
what other artists say

I have known Oleg for twenty years and find him a hard worker and a person of integrity. He is a multi-talented and versatile artist working successfully with a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, paper mass and wood. He also succeeds in experimental graphics with multi layer plastic and metal in addition to constructing 3D works in plastic. He achieved extraordinary effects with images in cartoons, watercolors, drawings, etchings and lithographs.

Yuri Tcharyshnikov, an artist, NJ, USA

Claming he has used drawing since early childhood as a way to gain freedom and as his"state of bliss", Dergachov likes to think of himself as a "drawer who is similtaneously a master of line, a magician and a poet, " but also "a thinker, a philosopher, and a creator." He has said, "My line is my way of traveling. It is created on a paper and extended during my wanderigs and journeys through the image... the magic of drawing is embraced in the everlasting fascinations with the mysterious and the unknown."
Dergachovs' cartoons and bronzes are at times clever take-offs of societal foibles, cerebral in meaning are masterly in artistic execution. Some almost seem out of place and wasted on the printed page, belonging instead on museum or showroom walls as works of fine art.

Ph.D. John A. Lent, Professor of communication at the Temple University, PA, USA

Mr. Dergachov is an artist of enormous artistic potential working in different fields:

Moreover his stimulating energetic presence and steady drive, calm authority and personal integrity make him a precious guest in artistic workshops and private.

Monique Deryckere, sculptor, Bruxelles, Belgium

I was impressed by the versatility of his art. Especially, as bibliophile, I admire his fantastic artist-books very much and as a collector of graphic art. I have special favor for his work. Also his cartoons, watercolors, paintings, free graphics and bronze sculptures are very interesting. A lot of Dutch collectors like his style, because there is always a good humor in it. His style and symbols are really amazing.

Jos van Waterschoot, an editor of EXLIBRISWERELD, the periodical of the Dutch Ex Libris Association, Netherlands


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