A khatchkar for the diaspora in Volgograd

GavarGavar, formerly known as Kamo, is a small industrious city near the Sevan Lake. Today, the factories (cable, technology) are mostly closed or produce on small level. Orthodox Church

Avet Terterian is honorary citizen of this town and we were invited by his friends.

The reason for the party was the blessing of a khatchkar, a present for the armenian diaspora in Volgograd, Russia.
Unfortunately we arrived after the ceremony, but we were not too late for the dinner, the toasts and the preparations for the transport of the stone. A table was arranged for us, the host sat down at our table, Cognac was offered and shashlik, two sheeps gave their live for this feast.

A tapedesk was installed at the balcony and everybody listened to our tape with the 3rd symphony of Avet Terterian, performed by the Dresden Symphoniker in July 1999. A special applause arose for Araik Bachtikian, Duduk, who participated at that performance in Dresden.

After the concert, even more toasts and more cognac!

The men from Gavar are famous for their drinking habitudes, but they are also experts concerning the transport of Khatchkars. So late in the evening, the truck was ready to leave with the stone, accompanied by all our good whishes.

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