Sketches from Erevan

monuments for poets and composers
saturday flea market

monument of Sayat-Novamonument of KomitasThe monument of the great poet of the 17th century, Sayat-Nova, and the monument of Sogomon Komitas, the father of the new armenian music, who deciphered the historic armenian musical notation and who took this knowledge with him into his mental derangement, which happened to him after the cruelties of the genocid 1915, are located very close to each other.

The renowned Erevan Conservatory today bears the name Komitas as well. His compositions are performed at the Komitas-Chamberhall, he is not forgotten.

clothes on the linearmenian carpets at the flea market
Just look to the sky and between the grey houses you suddenly realize the United Colors of Erevan

The weekly flea market adds a dash of oriental life to the city.

Stone- and wood-carvings, semi-precious stones, carpets, old samovars, china and irons, photo cameras and even some paintings (most of them with very little artistic value) ...
jewelry Samoware
near to the central station

But not only the stone cutters, bakers also know how to do their job, and the cakes which they offer near the central station are quite delicious, so you choose the cookies for tea-time, ignoring the rush hour.

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